First to excellence, striving to be first-class

publisher: ronnie
Time: 2016-06-21
Summary: First to excellence, striving to be first-class

To enhance the job skills of workers, boost employee growth and success, November 20, shares of the company held a Minhou County Employee Skill Competition (Fujian Xiang Xin special shares), for Minhou County Federation of Trade Unions also specifically requested in Fujian Hou television reporter for the entire county with the film. The more than 130 contestants, the players took part in the hand plane grinding machine, rivet riveting, quality standards knowledge skills test, screws, parts bag packaging, hand truck transportation, materials distinguish seven events.

Made in order to ensure the effectiveness of this skills competition, Division I set up a leading group of workers the skills competition, the competition is responsible for the overall coordination arrangements and organizations, and organize various departments to revise and improve the competition program, competition rules and competition methods. Judgment marking and practical operation skills players from Division I departments skilled professional and technical personnel and scoring rules strictly in accordance with the specific requirements of professional management standards one by one evaluation, not only fully reflect the competition fair, and further enhance the professional standards of competition, a selection of outstanding skilled personnel.

The competition on November 20 officially kicked off, take the theory and practical operation of a combination of job skills level of workers full and comprehensive investigation, have also written the actual operation. The contestants were orderly operation of various types of instruments, equipment, according to the flow earnestly every aspect of the practical operation of the examination, the exhibition skills recount. After fierce competition, a total of 28 people were given first, second and third prize.

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