American mechanical engineer who is talking about what we

Time: 2016-06-21
Earth and the other end of the United States, is one of the most developed manufacturing industry on the planet, and their mechanical engineers in the discussion on China and the Chinese people, when, in talk about? This article from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Groups this small side, talk about what they were talking about our topic.

On China's overall topic. In the eyes of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, China is a rapidly growing, highly competitive country; both love and hate, welcomed China's cheap goods, hate is the impact on the market and their employment. We will discuss "how to get your stuff together China," like the topic. Some discussions and travels, they were amazed China's rapid development, China surprised cheap labor, do not understand "why a fine flashlight only $ 20," China to bring them in addition to plenty of cheap consumer goods, as well as strong a sense of crisis. It is worth mentioning that, and China and also mention our neighbor - India.

About manufacturing industries. Most people's eyes, China's manufacturing industry is still very backward; visited some Chinese manufacturing plant engineers, will use "incredibly primitive," "do not pay attention to environmental protection" and other words to describe us. Are attracted China's cheap products, but do not believe the performance of equipment, people want to go to China can confirm their fancy equipment. Some autonomous known companies such as Chery, gradually they understand and concern. They fear a few years, China's high-end products, such as cars, will flood their markets.

About lifestyle. In their eyes, Chinese people do not care about leisure, workaholic, this attitude so that they feel the pressure.

Problems in China. Machinery sector, referred to the energy, environment and other issues. Such as the massive China's future demand for oil and steel, and not pay attention to the extreme pollution treatment plants, and other harsh work environment. Our employment issues in their view, is a threat of cheap foreign labor, which means the transfer of domestic capital.

Overall, the national Chinese in their eyes is a fast-growing, so that they feel the pressure, so there are some unfriendly remarks. See their understanding of China, you can see still a lot of opportunities for our industry, our competition out of the country, will be a different story!

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