Fujian Xiang Xin Branch Co. "Learn a two do 'work will be

Time: 2016-06-29

June 23, 2016, Fujian Xiang Xin Co. branch held a "two to learn to do a" work will be. Shanggan Minhou County town party secretary Pan Yan attended and spoke, Fujian Xiang Xin Ltd. Party secretary Huangtie Ming attended and delivered a speech at the Conference are: still dry town Party Committee Organization Department Wang Mingguang members, party members and party branches Xiang Xin , the development of object and party activists.

First, the meeting thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary of the series, convey and implement the Central to carry out "science Constitution Party regulations, speech science series, a Qualified member" learning requires education activities. Pan Shuji still dry town party committee the majority of party members put forward new demands to party members who not only want to "learn", but to "do", requiring each party member from the ideological shift to start, start from their side of the little things, establish party members vanguard and exemplary role, to be a qualified party.

Secondly, the meeting further noted that to carry out "two to do a school" education, basic learning. Party members and cadres to figure out what to do, what not to do, what can and can not do, to understand what a party member as a basic requirement Yes. Fujian Xiang Xin Ltd. Party secretary Huangtie Ming said: "Xiang Xin As a people, we should focus on learning and personal self combine clear self-requirements, to guide our members do a good job learning, according to the" three will be a lesson "system every quarter to convene a meeting of all party members, every organization around a thematic discussion. learning discussions in close connection with the company's actual, real life combination of personal and ideological work, so that we discussed in the study said, the real raise awareness, identify gaps, clear direction. "Liu Yue flower branch committee propaganda, party representatives Tian tree, Huang Jianhua party representatives, who also expressed their" two learn a do "experiences. To believe that "two to do a school" education as an opportunity to learn through the Constitution Party regulations, improve the quality of political theory, improve their political acumen. Establish the scientific concept of development and values, to ideas and to solve practical problems exist in the work as the starting point, in order to improve their work style and work to improve their effectiveness as the purpose, and constantly improve the theoretical learning. Through the study, the two should be transported to the school to do a job, and strive to become a qualified party members.

Finally, the meeting show that each one should educate and guide party members and cadres, the party's focus on innovation eighth Fifth Plenary Session, coordination, green, open, sharing five development philosophy, and constantly improve their own ability and level of service, to contribute to our posts , the courage to play there as always to keep General business, pioneering Manner, see the effectiveness in promoting reform, development and stability, the focus on development, poverty alleviation attack solid work, so that more of the fruits of development to benefit the masses, for the community modernization construction to make contribution to the development Xiang Xin contribute.

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