Fujian Xiang Xin, Ltd. to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with the All-Russian Institute of Light Alloys

Time: 2016-06-29
March 13, 2016 --- March 16, line 5 Huangtie Ming, chairman of the Russian All-Russian Research Institute of light alloys and other institutions were visited. After mutual technical exchange and communication between the early months of the mission after two days of negotiations, in consultation with the All-Russian Research Institute of light alloy reached a consensus on the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership and signed Fujian Xiang Xin shares light alloy Co., Ltd. and the All-Russian Institute of strategic cooperation agreement and the implementation of specific cooperation programs several related R & D projects, the successful completion of the mission's visit, to achieve the desired purpose.

   The visit, research and development work for the promotion of international exchanges, expanding the international field of vision; signed a strategic cooperation agreement, opening marks the company's external and technical cooperation projects for the company's future development and expansion of products to military, aerospace, aviation He has taken a solid step forward.


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